'Fishing, Millersdale'

Landscape painting of man fishing in Peak District stream.
Fishing, Millersdale. (Watercolour)

This is a small sketch (5" x 7") which will maybe end up as a larger painting. There's a lovely walk along this stream. It's so green and lush. It does get a lot of rain here but when the sun comes out the dappled light is magical. I haven't really captured that as well as I intended in this sketch ... I think I'll accentuate the deep cool shadows against the pools of sparkling sunlight more in my painting.


Beautiful greens! Green is my favourite color. Great place, really inspiring.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Krzysztof. We have plenty of green in my part of the world. It rains so much! Thanks for visiting my blog :)
Vandy said…
I love the way you capture the serenity of the countryside in your paintings. There's a lovely feeling of cool shade and clear light in this painting.
Theresa Evans said…
Well, I was trying to get that effect Vandy but I'm not sure I pulled it off!! Thanks for the encouragement! I'm pleased you find my paintings serene :)