Sun at Dovestones ~ Spring Landscape Painting

Sun at Dovestones
Small watercolour sketch on hotpressed paper. Dovestones is a beautiful reservoir area near my home, where we often walk. The water is surrounded by hills and woodland and has a different character and mood each day.


Anamaria do Val said…
I like so much the atmosphere you created, with all those greens and shadows!Beautiful work, Theresa!
Hi Theresa. A lovely restfull painting. well done and all the best.
Theresa Evans said…
Anamaria, thankyou. Living where I do, it's difficult to avoid greens!

Hi Victor, you know, it is a restful place and there's also a 'garden of rest' just by the reservoir. Thanks for your comment :)
Sheila Vaughan said…
Theresa, your Dovestones painting is wonderful - this is more than a "little sketch". I love the way you let the water colour just lie there and settle into its own pools. Not easy either to get the feel of trees rooted deep in the ground but these definitely are with those rich, dark shadows.
Theresa Evans said…
Hi Sheila. Yes, I love the way you can make such colourful puddles on hot pressed paper. Thanks for your comment :)