Tuscan Spring

 My painting 'Tuscan Spring' has been selected for the Stockport Open Exhibition ... I'm chuffed ;) It's mixed media: acrylic and oil pastel in many layers. I have painted this scene a few months ago but wasn't happy with the light and depth of texture, especially in the grasses. So I revisited it :)

This lovely path winds through the Tuscan countryside on the way to Capella Santa Maria di Vitaleta (that much photographed hilltop church in St Quirico). I walked along this path with my husband as far as the chapel ... and back again.


Claire said…
congratulations, its beautiful
Therea I adore this painting. Sooo beautifful. The colors, the trees and specially the lightning. Fabulous.
Lovely greet
Theresa Evans said…
Thankyou Claire .. and for taking the time :)

Marja, I really appreciate your comments, thankyou!
Hi Theresa.
I also love this painting. It is so realistic but you can still see it is a painting. I also like your Summer Shade. All the best Theresa.
Congratulations Theresa many will admire this lovely painting at the exhibition.
theresa CONGRATULATIONS !!! ...fantastic news ..the painting invites you to follow the path you took.. the grasses and blossom are delighful ...are you planning to exhibit your tuscany series ?
nanda devi said…
this is a beautiful painting.just feel like walking straight to that countryside.
regards nanda
Theresa Evans said…
Vic, Caroline and Jane, my sincere apologies for such a late reply but life has been a little hairy and i've not been online much.

Vic, thanks for your comment. I'm constantly srtiving to move away from 'realism' but my work always turns out this way! lol. I think, in the end, you just have to paint the way you paint :)

Thanks Caroline, I haven't exhibited for a while so it's nice to get back to having work in public again.

Jane, grazie! It would be nice to do a Tuscany exhibition but I don't have one planned ... who knows ... :)
Carole Cochrane said…
Hello there Theresa, recently found your blog and have been reading through some of your older posts.

This is a beautiful mixed media painting. Congratulations for being selected for the open exhibition !!
Theresa Evans said…
Hi Caroline, thanks for stopping by and for your comment .. I appreciate it :)
Vandy said…
I've only just found this for some reason. Missed when it was posted.

Fabulous painting. Not surprised it was selected. Hope the exhibition went well.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Vandy ... yes, it was a good exhibition :)