Summer Shade

Summer Shade ©  8" x 8" Mixed Media

Another memory from my stay at the Tuscan watermill ... a welcome patch of dappled shade in the heat of summer.

I painted it primarily in acrylic (with small amounts of oil pastel) on hot pressed watercolour board. First I painted an underwash in watercolour to establish composition and values etc and then coated the board with a layer of acrylic matt medium. The smooth surface was gorgeous to paint on  and I'll definitely be using it again.


Claire said…
Hi Theresa,
love your work,so beautiful.
Not tried oil pastels before just soft,very inspiring
Theresa Evans said…
Claire, thanks for stopping by and for your comment - I appreciate it. Oil pastels are wonderful for creating texture but not so good for detailed work. I often use them mixed media with acrylics so I can play with the properties of each :)
Peter Lee said…
Beautiful work.
So poetic!
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Peter, I appreciate your comment very much ... the beauty of nature in all its moods is why I am driven to paint it :)