Owl, Watercolour

I wish you all a very happy, healthy and creative 2012. 

"Owl" is in watercolour on Arches paper - 8" x 10". 


jane minter said…
...he looks so intense ...beautiful darks theresa ...you have a wonderful gift for painting birds
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Jane ... birds are so enjoyable to draw and paint. I've decided to focus more on 'nature' in the landscape this year so there will inevitably be more birds!!
Sheila Vaughan said…
Love the technique - that deep darkness behind him and how you have smudged it in with his wings. It is truly beautiful.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila. I painted the background and the edges of the wings simultaneously, wet-in-wet so that the pigments would bleed - to give the effect of movement. The yellow pushed the indigo away :)

I love the way watercolour helps you paint!
Hi Theresa, Wha a wonderful work I have seen on your blog. Fantastic, love it very much. Also this owl, beautiful.I am a beginner and started a few weeks ago my paintingblog (www.marjascreativity.blogspot.com) beside my stampingblog. I come back soon.
Lovely greet
Caroline said…
He is a real beauty Theresa, owls are my favourite bird. You have capture him so well.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks both, I appreciate your comments :)

Caroline, one of my favourites too .. they are so majestic aren't they?