Starting To Snow Again, Northumberland

Starting to Snow Again, Northumberland. 14cm x 52cm Watercolour on Arches paper. Copyright Theresa Evans


I'm really enjoying painting these panoramic landscapes. For me, this format seems to convey distance and a sense of 'being there' - especially in such vast open landscapes such as Northumberland (U.K.). 

This is a view over the fields to the Cheviot hills, five minutes walk from my parents home. I painted it in watercolour with a touch of white gouache for the falling snow. 


Sheila Vaughan said…
You have used the panaramic format well to convey what England feels like especially in these more remote areas: low, heavy skies but the land stretching out endlessly in all directions. I can feel the coldness in this one.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila. I really enjoy being in these expansive landscapes. And cold it definitely was! Bitterly.