'Winter Valley'

Peak District Landscape in Winter
Winter Valley  Copyright, Theresa Evans
 I painted this in oil pastel with some use of scraffito in the trees. 12" x12"

The landscape near my home has many hills and valleys. This is Bolehill Clough and looks quite different each season. I prefer the moodiness of a still winter's day. It was quite cold with a light frost still clinging to parts of the ground and crows called amongst the tree tops.



Ester Roi said…
I enjoy all your work, Theresa, and in this one you have achieved a beautiful texture.
Theresa Evans said…
Thankyou Ester!

I love trying to achieve crunchy textural effects in landscape paintings - oil pastels are great for this - yet your pastels have beautifuly smooth colour transitions. So powerful and yet delicate at the same time ... amazing.
Sheila Vaughan said…
I think this is superb. I love the velvety feel of the grassy moss and turf that the oil pastel has taken advantage of. As you say that crumbly texture of real earth that the medium can convey so well. I also like that the painting does not come across as "realist" so much as "sensory". Almost a dream like feel to it.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks for your generous comment Sheila. Glad you like it as you know this area well!

I hadn't thought of it being 'dreamlike' but maybe you're right there. I suppose I do tend to romaticize the wildness of landscapes; I just enjoy being there and and want to try and convey that sense of place I initially felt. So I am dreaming back to that day, I suppose.
Reminds me of one of my favourite places in Hervás (Spain). Thanks.