Snowing Again. Peak District Landscape

Snowing Again.  Mixed Media. Theresa Evans

On Arches  watercolour paper in mixed media ~ watercolour, gouache and some oil pastel for texture in the snow.

When I'm out walking, I try to keep notes and small sketches in my pocket size Moleskine to remind me about the atmosphere, sounds and colours. My writing tends to be a mixture of descriptive sentences and random colour notes. I also take photographs which I like to have for a starting point to composition and also reference of shapes in the land etc.

Here's a note from my sketchbook;

"It had been snowing heavily all morning but suddenly it eased. A ray of light broke through the cloud cover lighting the snow and making it deliciously pink with lovely blue shadows .... a bird flew past, calling out into the hills ... "

Size: 22" x 14"