Nearly Home

Watercolour. Size 20" x 16" (24" x 20" including mat/mount).

Inspired by my recent visit to Tuscany, I was drawn to the contrast of the long shadows cast by these lovely old pines agaist the sunlit autumn grasses. The little lady was not there but the house looked like it might belong to someone like her.

The painting is many layered and textured with wet-on-wet techniques including allowing the paint to float and dry in colourful puddles and some use of salt.


Sheila Vaughan said…
That's really magical and reminds me very much of your pastel technique - those soft gradations and unfussy forms. You are making water colour your own. I love it!
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila ... I'm more pleased with the surface effects in this one but still enjoying experimenting ;-)

Pleased you like it!
Cecca said…
Beautiful painting, I love the composition and the golden warm light, really lovely :-)
Theresa Evans said…
Thankyou Cecca, pleased you like it :-) You have some lovely watercolours yourself!