Autumn Sunset, Tuscany

Watercolour (11" x 17" plus mount).

Back from my latest trip to Tuscany with many more sketches and photographs to keep me going through the English winter :-)

The light was really beautiful in early October with amazing sunsets and sunrises. The first evening we arrived, there was a spectacular thunderstorm and lightshow. The  colours and cloud formations in the sky were wonderful to watch whilst sipping wine on the villa veranda. Sigh ....

I intend to attempt a painting of this (the skies not the wine) later this week. 


Sheila Vaughan said…
Hi Theresa, welcome back to not so sunny Stalybridge. Your handling of the water colour in this one is superb. You have the rich depths in the foreground but exploit its wet-in-wet capabilities in the sky. Water colour takes a lot of skill and I like the confident way you use it.
Hey, a nice still life with the wine bottle would be great or even a figurative one showing the after effects could be pretty interesting too.
Theresa Evans said…
thanks Sheila ... you're very generous but glad you like it. I really enjoy the way wet in wet throws up suprises and happy accidents.

After effects?? Don't know what you mean! LOL