Lakeside Sunset, Tuscany

Notes from my sketchbook:

"After a bright autumn day, a light mist started to gather in the fields. The golden sun sank low towards the horizon and wild birds flew to the trees, their calls echoing across the lake... "



mfphoto_1 said…
I would say your doing very well with the Watercolor. I have been doing just the opposite I've been painting in watercolor for many years now have shifted to pastell. your work is great. Living in Fort Lauderdale FL USA it is very flat so the paintings made me yearn for Tuscany again havent been there in 20 years.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks for those comments :-)

You have some stunning landscape in the USA though. Still, there's something magical about Tuscany.

We're going again in September and I've never been in the Autumn. The colours and low light are said to be spectacular. Luckily it's only a hop, skip and jump from the UK (about 3 hours) so it's easier than from where you are.

Keep up with the pastels ... they are a fabulous medium!
elvira pajarola said…
absolutely fantastic the lights in this painting, I must know, because I'm living in Tuscany; close to the beach but on top of a green hill!
The light and the warm colours are so difficult to choose; but I think you are going strong!!!!
have a great evening and all my compliments!! bye elvira
Theresa Evans said…
Elvira, thankyou for your compliment.

You are so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world! I try to visit as often as possible ... the colour and light is quite different to the UK.

Who knows, one day I may get the chance to live there too :-)
Paul Batch said…
I absolutely love this. Great job.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Paul, I appreciate your compliment :-)
jane minter said…
this is beautiful theresa