Snowstorm Approaching

Snowstorm Approaching
4" x 8"
Well the snow is still everywhere and the hill I can see from my studio window looks quite beautiful. I think it's going to clear in the next few days though. Hopefully I'll manage to get upto the Lake District this weekend to walk and paint - a birthday treat :-)
UPDATE: Just seen the weather forecast - blizzards toight and very heavy snowfall ... mmm., need some more white pastel.


Sheila Vaughan said…
Wonderfully atmospheric Theresa. Hope you have a great weekend in the Lakes.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila ... nicer to look at than be out in! At least all that snow forecast last night didn't materialise around here.
David Patterson said…
He Theresa! I just found you through another blogger...your work is wonderful! The piece shows beautiful atmosphere, and great composition. I'm looking forward to following your work.
Theresa Evans said…
Hi David ... thankyou for your generous comments! From a brilliant pastel painter, that's very flattering. I really love the way you layer colour.