Snowing Again

Snowing Again
Oil Pastel
6" x 10"
I'm working on a larger snow painting at the moment but wanted to try out spattering the oil pastel surface with white gouache to get the effect of it snowing. The nice thing about the oil pastel is that it allowed me to blot out areas of gouache I wasn't happy with(whilst still wet) and re-spatter.


Lynne Chapman said…
This works terrifically well. Beautiful (again!)

What is glassine paper? Never come across it.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Lynne. I'll be holding my breath when I try it on my larger painting though!!

Glassine paper is a glossy paper which is often used to separate pastel works. It prevents smudging very effectively. I always mount pastels and then cover in glassine (taping to the back of the mount) when sending in the post.

Here's a link where you can get hold of it. And Heaton Cooper artshop is very reliable and quick.
Sheila Vaughan said…
Wonderful painting Theresa, can feel those snow flurries on my face. You really experiment with media don't you? And to great effect. Hope the big painting goes well.
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila. Yes, I'm afraid I'm an eternal dabbler ... I quite regularly ruin work or have to launch a rescue mission because of it though! :-) It's that pesky inner voice interrupting me with suggestions like "I wonder what will happen if ?? ..."