Abandoned, Tuscany

Abandoned, Tuscany SOLD
Oil Pastel
8" x 8"
I painted this on a rough tooth pastel card (by Royal Sovereign in raw umber). The heavy tooth resists the pastel and makes quite a pleasing texture; almost antique. Also, it's almost impossible to fill all the tooth - unless you go mad;) This gives a nice uniformity over the whole surface of the finished painting.
I was pleasantly surpised at this effect and feel it suits the subject quite well. I've only previously used this paper with soft pastels which fill the tooth very easily. I'll definitely use this with oil pastels again.
UPDATE: Just tried to order some more of this card - only one sheet left. It doesn't seem to be available any more :(
If anyone knows otherwise, I'd be a very happy bunny.
UPDATE 2 Found it!! It's apparently been renamed as La Carte Pastel Paper (Sennelier). I've found it for sale on both greatart.co.uk and saa.co.uk .. whew! BTW, if you use wet media as an underpainting with your pastel, don't use this. It doesn't like it.


Sheila Vaughan said…
Yes, it's a lovely effect that and as you say helps to unify the whole piece. What a shame you can't get it any more. Have you tried Jacksons Art Supplies? (online).
Theresa Evans said…
Thanks Sheila ... I tried Jacksons, but no luck. I'll have a nosey on Wet Canvas and see if anyone knows if it's been renamed or discontinued.


... and I'll update on here if I find out in case anyone else is interested too.
Anonymous said…
Hello Theresa, I found your blog from someone else’s’ blog….so glad that I have! I love this painting, the texture is amazing. Have you tried making your own supports using either hardboard or acid free mount board and Colourfix Patel Primer? There is a post on how I prepare boards on my main art (lathamart.blogspot.com/) blog….and I will be posting instructions on my pastel blog soon. Also an archived post on Wet Canvas in Pastel Talk....called a talk on pastels. I use soft pastels, but with this surface can really achieve a great effect, and there is something great about preparing your own surface. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
Theresa Evans said…
Hi Maggie ... thanks for visiting my new blog and for your comments. Pleased you like the effect :-)

Texture is my no.2 love, after colour, so I always try and get losts of both in my work.

Yes, I nearly always use Colorfix pastel primer for my soft pastels. I use the clear one on top of acrylic underwashes, on mountboard. You can get some amazing effects can't you?

I'm just experimenting using it with oil pastels. Usually I just scrape back layers of colour and use coloured ink overwashes, which resist the OP of course. Might get some completely new effects with primer and oilies though.

Thanks for the links; it's always interesting to see how other artists use your favoured medium! I'll get a coffee and head over ...

Coincidentally, I just joined WetCanvas forum yesterday!
Kay said…
I love your comment "It doesn't like it" (referring to the paper). I have yet to meet a paper without a personality; I'm a very watery watercolourist and paper and I have an ongoing love affair.

In fact, sitting here thinking about it, I suspect that I would rather have a piece of blank watercolour paper than wine and chocolates. OOOh that's a big statement!
Theresa Evans said…
Kay, I know what you mean. Papers have their own whims and moods ... and sometimes inflict them on my work too Ha,ha. I often need the wine and chocolates afterwards :-)

I've been trying to have a go with watercolour as I've been very ill and the clouds of coloured pastel dust are not too friendly.