Valley at Bolehill Clough, November

'Bolehill Clough'
Enjoyed the colour and textures of this area so much that I decided to continue on the same theme this morning.
The dry stone walls can look so pretty sometimes when they divide the land up like a quilt!


Roxanne Steed said…
Hi Theresa! You have a beautiful sense of vast territory in these landscapes!! love it! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!
fantastic work ! read about you on Sheilas blog

all the very best

yours Edward
Bill Brauker said…
Nice work on this. You have really captured the area. I love that part of England.

Welcome to the daily painting crowd.
Theresa Evans said…
Roxanne, thanks for your compliment; I'm pleased you like my work. Thanks too for visiting my fledgling blog!

Edward, thanks for visiting and your nice comment .... must go and see your work :-) This blogging thing is very new to me but really enjoying it ...

Bill, thanks for your welcome to the daily painters. It's something I wanted to get into for a while - been painting for longer than I can remember so it's really good to do something different that's rewarding and enjoyable.
Judy said…
This is a lovely landscape, with real depth. Love it. Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. I'm still unpacking and trying to get my life in order, so although I've set up a blog I haven't posted anything yet! WELL DONE start, Theresa! I'm looking forward to seeing more!
Theresa Evans said…
Hi Judy ... nice to meet you and thanks for visiting my new blog!

I hope you manage to get things together for yours very soon ... I know it seems to take forever to unpack when you move home. We did that a few years back.

Looking forward to seeing your work ;-)
Lynne Chapman said…
I live just over the other side of the moors, at the Sheffield end, so I am very familiar with this landscape and you have totally captured it with your drawings.

There is a lovely freshness to the quality of the markmaking that really works for tyhe subject. Some paintings of the area can seem rather dead by comparison.
Theresa Evans said…
Lynne thankyou! Nice to meet another local girl ... thanks for stopping by my new blog.

Pleased you like my interpretation of this landscape ... especially as you know it :-)

I do like walking in the hills; when you're outside you notice the constantly changing colour, textures, mood and weather! It helps to give an intimate familiarity with the landscape when you get outside and sense the place.

I actually find it really difficult to paint places convincingly that I haven't been to.
Lynne Chapman said…
Tell me about it! I'm currently trying to do an illustration of a Nevada-style desert, having never been there. That's the problem with illustration - I am generally working from imagination and vague research images.
Theresa Evans said…
I know but you have so much freedom to invent! I tried to have a go at children's book illustration when I first left primary teaching. It's so difficult!

Your work is magical.